Minecraft • Bukkit



SkyWars is a minecraft minigame that has been around for a while where players start on islands floating in the sky.
They need to collect resources and kill the players on the other islands to win the game.



SpeedRun is a minigame that takes parkour and allows you to play against your friends and others to see who can get the best time.
SpeedRun has leaderboards with the top players for each map and an overall best player.
Each map has checkpoints that are ordered so players can't skip ahead and the `death zones` takes the player back to the previous checkpoint if you enter it.



SkyBlock is a minecraft gamemode where players spawn on a small islands and then need to gather resources so build up there island.
SkyBlock traditionaly was a single player or coop map that you could download to play with friends.
This plugin allows players to have islands on a server with many people and can invite players to play on their islands while they build their islands and complete challenges.

Prison Gangs

Prison Gangs is a plugin designed for the prison gamemode and allows you to join up with your friends to try and survive your time on the inside.


Pizza Spleef

Spleef is a minigame that has been around for a long time in minecraft however this one has a slight twist.
This is pizza spleef a minigame invented by Sethbling that has blocks that you can mine to give yourself buffs or to give other players de-buffs.

Utility Plugins

Here is a sample of some of the smaller utility type plugins that I have made.